Our Values

We used a multidisciplinary approach to provide quality care. Every meeting is an opportunity for us to move forward in the service of our patients , their families , and society in general. Our belief in the commitment to provide the best care is the essence stems from our achievements.

We at Al-Safa Medical Complex , welcome you to experience our services stemming from the principles that ensure continued progress and improvement in service , as we are keen to apply the international standards as a base to build on, and ensure patient safety, privacy, security, and satisfaction.

We at Al-Safa Medical Complex are fully aware that the competition between medical institutions rely heavily on excellence is evident in the quality of services provided to patients.

Our team supports outstanding quality management that is focused on ensuring safe care programs. Understand the importance of quality control allows us to develop specifications and standards , monitor performance , and identify the reasons for the differences , with the best medical care guarantee.

We understand the importance of quality control helps us to assess their views on issues pertaining to our patients and include communication process by our nurses, doctors, pain management , and the general level of care. And also we appreciate the patient's perception of the medical complex environment with regard to cleanliness and noise level.

Al-Safa Medical Complex, keep patient notes seriously. Not only we have to ensure the professionalism of our employees now , but we continually evolve to meet and exceed the expectations of our patients at a time.


  • Monitor work flow and collect key indicators for process redesign
  • Control all Medical Complex documents
  • Track incident reports and standing committees activities
  • Analyze satisfaction surveys and post results
  • Initiate new performance improvement projects
  • Implement risk management program
  • Review medical charts to ensure compliance
  • Conduct regular quality rounds and audits
  • Maintain physicians and specialists certificates required for privileging
  • Sharpen staff qualifications and competencies
  • Communicate organizational improvements to staff
  • Lead the way as an equal opportunity employer
  • Enhance working environment to improve staff performance and satisfaction

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