This department provide a list of professional and featured medical services.

  • Detect and address the cases of rheumatic pain and request the necessary tests to diagnose every case and described the proper treatment
  • Follow-up of chronic conditions and provide a treatment when needed.
  • Reception cases of injuries and fractures and sports injuries.
  • Doing comprehensive medical examination and X-rays necessary for the accurate diagnosis.
  • To determine the necessary treatment for cases of fractures either by a splint or gypsum or fixing fraction then splint or doing surgery when necessary
  • Follow up on cases of fractures and adjustment if necessary until full recovery and remove the gypsum.
  • Reception surgical cases such as wounds, burns and bruises suture, repair tendons lacerated when necessary and change dressing wounds, repair and return the ousted joints and installed.
  • Local cortisone injections for cases of inflammation of the tendons, joints and tissues.
  • Local cortisone injections or Synovial materials to address the cases of dryness of the knee.
  • Doing small operations such as opening the abscess and remove fatty Synovial cysts and remove the nails and others.
  • Extraction of foreign body examining cases of congenital malformations of joints and limbs, diagnose and treat it according to the situation.

Working Time:


From 9:00 AM To 12:00 PM
From 4:00 PM To 9:00 PM

For Reservation of an appointment, or any question please contact us on: Tel: +966 16 5345556 or Fax: +966 16 5335792


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